Identity Theft Legislation - YOUR input

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Stories are becoming shockingly more common of how criminals are scamming and stealing the hard-earned money and identities of anyone they can. Not only do these crimes hit our nation’s already struggling economy for billions of dollars each year — they also hit the financial security of their individual victims. And, beyond the financial difficulties, experts note that “the victims of identity theft often feel overwhelmed by the psychological pain of loss, helplessness, anger, isolation, betrayal, rage, and even embarrassment. It is a crime that triggers deep fears regarding financial security, the safety of family members, and the ability to ever trust again.”

Unfortunately, individual state laws dealing with these types of scams are often weak — and federal laws are outdated and have not kept up with evolving technology that has allowed these scams to grow with ease.

I believe it is time we change that.

In the coming months I plan on introducing legislation in the United States Congress that comprehensively reforms our nation’s laws to better address and prevent incidents of identity theft, and more strongly deter and punish anyone who commits the crime. As this process unfolds, I am asking for your help and advice on what this bill should contain to better protect all Americans from the crimes of identity theft.

Please use the text boxes below to write about your experiences with this issue and your suggestions for my legislation. Any feedback you provide will be kept strictly confidential, and should I find a submission particularly constructive, I would only share it with your express permission.

Thank you for your time and thoughts. It is through your active involvement that I am better able to represent the people of Iowa.

Best Wishes,