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Making the Government Work Smart
POSTED ON July 21, 2014

Dear Friend, Washington has piled a mountain of debt on our children and grandchildren during the spending binge of the last several years. It’s absolutely critical that we use every tool at our disposal to end the out-of-control spending and borrowing. Too many agencies, including the VA, do not provide effective or efficient services and continually waste taxpayer’s dollars. The announcement that over 57,000 veterans are currently waiting for their first appointment at the VA is appalling. This problem is systemic and shines light on a larger, more pervasive problem in the federal government: It wastes too much. The vast scope of the federal government creates plenty of opportunities for waste, fraud and duplication to gum up the works and make government less efficient and more costly. Sprawling federal bureaucracies with budgets that only seem to grow year after year make it increasingly difficult for taxpayers to even gain an understanding of just how much of their hard-earned mon...